Tips To Find The Best Small Dog Breeds For You

When you are trying to figure out which dog you want, you will want to try to find the dog that is going to fit in your family the best. There are all kinds of different dog breeds that you could consider. If you have narrowed it down to small dogs, you will want to find the right small dog breed to get. Below, we will be going over some of the key tips to finding the best small dog breeds to consider.

Finding The Best Small Dog Breeds:

1. Lifestyle.

The main thing that you should be looking for when you are shopping around for small dog breeds would be dogs that fit your lifestyle. You want to identify the dogs that fit within your lifestyle to ensure that you are able to find a dog that will match your lifestyle properly. After all, you don’t want a high-energy breed if you are not going to be able to match the energy level. Along with this, you will want to find a dog that is not going to require too much of your attention if you are unable to give enough of it. Choosing a breed that loves to be around its owners and that is very attached to their owners is not a good choice for those that work long hours and that is never around.

2. Availability.

You will also need to figure out whether or not the dog is going to be available. If you are adopting a dog, you will have to choose from the list of dogs that are available for adopting. Unless you are willing to wait, this is something that you will need to consider.

3. Size.

While you might be looking strictly at small dogs, you are going to need to factor in the total size of the dog. You want to find the dogs that are the appropriate size for your needs. For instance, if you have a small apartment, you will need to try to find a smaller dog breed that would feel comfortable in your home and one that is not going to take up too much space. Whereas, if you have a larger house, you might be much more willing to find a dog that isn’t necessarily so small.

4. Breed Consideration.

Another thing that you must consider when you are shopping for the right breed would be various breed considerations. You want to figure out whether there is a specific breed that has specific health issues that you might be unwilling to deal with. Along with this, you might be looking for a dog that is hypoallergenic. Regardless, you want to consider the breed in question prior to making your decision.

5. Personality.

Another thing that you want to do beyond looking at the breed in-large would be to meet some of the different dogs from each breed. Even though breeds do predisposition dogs to inherently act certain ways, you will find subtle and not so subtle differences when comparing dogs from different breeds. This will allow you to find the dog breed that is going to offer you the right kind of personality that meshes the best with your own personality and the various members of your family. Finding the dog with the right personality is key to finding one that fits well in your household.

Overall, there is a lot that you should be considering when you are shopping around for the right dog breed to consider. By following the various tips above, you will be able to find the very best small dog breed that you should be getting for your family.

How To Find Your Lost Dog

It can be quite devastating to come home and find that your beloved pet has escaped and gone missing. Even if your dog has escaped in the past, every time it goes missing, it isn’t any easier. There are however some steps that you can take to find your dog and even prevent them from escaping in the future if they are successfully recovered.

Step 1 – Take A Walk

Take a quick walk around your neighborhood, calling your dog’s name. He may be close-by and come to the sound of your voice. Ask passersby or your neighbors if they have seen your pet.

Step 2 – Social Media

Post a photo and description of your dog on your social media pages along with information on how long it has been missing, where it was last seen and which neighborhood it is most likely to be in. If your neighborhood has a community forum or group, you may also want to place the information there. Remember to include surrounding neighborhoods as larger breeds can travel very far in a short space of time or a concerned citizen may have picked it up and taken it further from home.

Step 3 – Make Some Calls

Call your local animal shelters and rescue societies and find out if a dog matching the description of your pet has been turned in. You may also want to call nearby vets. Provide them with the chip number if your dog has been chipped. Call friends or family or acquaintances where your dog is most likely to go or has gone before.

Step 4 – Wait

It may seem like the least likely step to take but your dog will probably come home on its own after a period of time. So make sure someone stays at home and can contact you when it comes back if you are out looking.

Step 5 – Posters And Flyers

Print about 20 large posters and 200 smaller flyers. Place the large posters in areas that are easily visible to the public and mail or hand out the smaller posters. Make sure to place a reward and make this the focus of your print by using capital letters and bright, red color.

Step 6 – Go Online

Some animal shelters post regular updates or photos on their websites of pets that have recently been taken in so check these. You may also want to check sites like and other organizations that are dedicated to searching for lost pets.

Step 7 – Take A Break

As time goes by, it is less and less likely that you will find your dog. You need to accept this and continue with daily life as much as possible. You may also need to accept the fact that your pet may have passed on even though this can be very difficult. Here you can read more about the odds of finding lost dogs.

Preventing Your Dog From Going Missing

There are many steps you can take to prevent your dog from running away. First and foremost, secure your yard and repair or block all routes of escape.

Dogs normally run away because they are bored or lonely or even hungry so make sure that they are getting plenty of affection, playtime, walks and that food and fresh water are always available.

Your dog should have a collar with a name tag and your updated contact information in the event that they do get lost. A GPS collar is a great idea for an escape artist or if you are just concerned about your precious pet going missing.

Get your dog chipped! If it does go missing, this will make it much easier for animal organizations or a vet to locate your when they find your dog.

The Benefits Of Vegetarian Dog Food

Your dog is your best friend and you want to do everything you can to keep him healthy. The food you buy your dog is very important and you want to make sure that you choose a dog food that is made with high-quality ingredients and doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals. Vegetarian dog food is always a great choice and it can provide your dog with a variety of health benefits. Read on to learn about the benefits of vegetarian dog food.

Many dogs are allergic to the ingredients in commercial dog food and they can break out in skin rashes and have digestive issues. If you notice that your dog is scratching a lot and has eye discharge you might want to switch over to vegetarian food to see if your dog’s allergies improve.

Your dog is likely to be allergic to the animal protein that is found in dog food and the allergies can cause many distressing symptoms in your dog. Your dog might pass a lot of gas and have loose stool. Many dogs get eye discharge and start to lose their fur. Your dog might also start to scratch so much that he starts to lose fur. Vegetarian food can give your dog relief from his allergies so he can start to feel better and get the relief he needs.

Vegetarian dog food is easy to digest which makes it a great choice for any dog that has allergies or digestive issues. Vegetarian food is going to make your dog’s food allergies go away and your dog is going to have stools that are solid and the gas is going to stop. Vegetarian food is non-inflammatory and easy on your dog’s digestive system. The food is just what your dog needs to calm down his digestive system and help him to become healthier.

Inflammation can cause a lot of problems in your dog and if your dog is dealing with inflammation issues your dog is going to have problems. Inflammation can cause joint and leg pain and make it difficult for your dog to walk. Inflammation can also lead to heart disease and obesity in your dog which can shorten his life.

Vegetarian dog food can give your dog more energy so he is there for you. You want your dog to be your companion and to live as long as possible and this means that you need to give your dog food that is going to help him thrive instead of holding him back. The best dog food is going to be a huge game changer for your dog and your dog is likely to be happier and healthier when you give him the best food.

You can buy vegetarian dog food and you can even it make it yourself. Look for foods that are made by good manufacturers and buy the best food you can afford. You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to caring for your dog. Invest in the best vegetarian dog food.

Everybody Hurts Sometime

When we play sports, we like to take it as far as we can. Challenging ourselves is what makes sports more fun. And if you add a healthy competition to that, you have a very motivating environment.

Unfortunately that leads us to push to hard sometimes. And then we get hurt. Even though luck does play a part, most injuries can be traced back to pushing too hard. If you have run into this, recently or a long time ago, take a look at our new article on knee injuries and how to recover from them.

The Beach Season Is Coming

The sun is out and it’s getting warm. Time to go to the beach!

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Looking to Get Or Stay In Shape? You Should Try Swimming

I used to think that the only way to lose weight and get in shape was to go to the gym. So I kept trying to like going to the gym, but it never lasted. After a few weeks to a few months, I would get demotivated and just stop going. Needless to say, I wasn’t getting a lot of results. And that didn’t motivate either.

When I discovered that there are other ways to workout, my life started to change. It took some experimenting; I tried cycling running and playing soccer. But trying out these different activities was all worth it because I discovered something that works for me.

The first few months of swimming (I never did it before in my life) it was super tough. I would swallow half the pool during a one hour lesson, but for some reason, I was even more motivated when I came back. Once I was able to swim without drowning, it became fun.

Now I am doing 2-3 sessions per week, and my body has changed a lot. Not only that, I felt more alert and relaxed at the same time.

Take care, and hope to see you in the pool soon.

New Article To Help Beginners With Wing Chun

Martial arts have always been a great way to work out and help people protect themselves. And now these ancient techniques are more popular than ever. This might seem strange for such old methods and strategies. But the truth is that martial arts are just as effective now as they were thousands of years ago. If you consider that people are generally less strong than in those days, they are now more effective.

Whether you want to protect yourself, get in shape or just enjoy learning powerful techniques, Kung-Fu is one of the best forms out there. It involves a large variety of styles and training that leads to great body control and very powerful defense. One great style in Kung-Fu to master is Wing Chun. It was Bruce Lee who made this style as famous as it is today. And this fame is more than deserved. Because somebody who knows Wing Chun is a force to be reckoned with. And a master, …. Well, you better not find out.

To start with Wing Chun, you best go find a school that’s easily accessible. If you don’t have access to that, or just prefer to learn by yourself, there are many options available. Whatever path you choose, there are a couple of important principles that can greatly accelerate your progress. Read these 4 techniques to best get started with Wing Chun, and use them to your advantage.

Enjoy your practice,